CITRONIC CE22 - Stereo Enhancer/Exciter

CITRONIC CE22 - Stereo Enhancer/Exciter

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The CE22 is a professional multi-band enhancer/exciter designed for various applications. This unit combines 2 processors to align the phase and focus of bass frequencies, improve the response of mid-high frequencies and add harmonic content to any "dull" sounding audio. The surround processor utilises the phase alignment engine to give a greater perceived width to the stereo field.


Dual/stereo multi-band processor

Process variable between enhancer and exciter

Dedicated bass processors

Surround processor to add width to stereo field

Auto noise reduction circuitry

Bypass switch for processed/unprocessed comparison

Balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs

Power supply: 115/230Vac, 50/60Hz (IEC)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz (+0/-3dB)

Input impedance: 12k Ohms

Output impedance: 45 Ohms

THD: 0.008% @ +4dBu 1kHz

Signal to noise ratio: >95dBu

Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 250mm

Weight: 3.5kg