EAGLE L100B - Flexilight 12V XLR Gooseneck Light

EAGLE L100B - Flexilight 12V XLR Gooseneck Light

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12V filament lamp fitted in the end of a 370mm flexible black gooseneck. The gooseneck is fitted with a standard XLR male plug with pins 1, 3, and the XLR body all joined as 0V. Pin 2 is for 12V power and is wired to the bulb.

Please note: These lights are intended for consoles with a dedicated 3 pin XLR 12V lamp socket. They should never be connected to a mic socket and they cannot be run from phantom power. DC or AC power is applied between pins 2 and 1/3/body. As the lamp power returns on the body of the gooseneck, the XLR body cannot be isolated from it. The XLR body is also connected to pins 1 and 3.


Adaptor Input: 12V 450mA (not supplied)

Bulb type: 12V 3W BC tubular

Colour: Black

DC Input (V): 12

Power: 450 mA

Product Dimensions (mm): 280x160x20

Net weight (kg): 0.13