EAGLE P101B - Mobile PA Amplifier 12V 30W

EAGLE P101B - Mobile PA Amplifier 12V 30W

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This Eagle mobile and set top PA Amplifier has a compact design, features 2 microphone and 1 aux input. Working from 12V DC this Amp gives out 30 W of power into 4 ohms, the 2 microphone and 1 Aux inputs have separate volume controls. This small design is ideal for use in cars, vans, boat anywhere 12V DC is available.


30 W 12V DC Mobile PA Amplifier

Ideal for use in Vehicles where 12 V DC is available

Features 2 x Mic & 1 Aux inputs

Speaker connections via Push Terminals

Compact Design for Easy Use

Product Dimensions (mm): 195x165x80

Net weight (kg): 1

Colour: Black

DC Input (V): 12V

Frequency Response (Hz): Mic:-3dB(100Hz-20 KHz) Line:-3dB(30Hz-20 KHz)

Microphone Input: Mic:-50dB(2.45mV)/2 k ohms,balanced

Power RMS (W): 30W

Weight (kg): 10