ELECTROVISION A111NA - USB Type C to 3.5mm Audio Headphone Adaptor

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This handy adaptor is designed to enable the user to play audio from a Type C connector device such as a mobile device or tablet, directly to headphones or earphones with 3.5mm audio ports.

We have added an upgraded digital chip that allows you to not only listen to music but also to use your earphones for phone calls and volume adjustment.


Oxygen-free copper wires inside of the aux cord promote maximum signal, mean you are guaranteed output audio quality. The USB type C connector can be inserted any way as it is reversible and cannot be inserted the wrong way up. This makes the cable even easier to use than the traditional USB slots. Please ensure your device supports audio output before use.


Converts 3.5mm headphones to the new USB connector

Compatible with a range of mobile phones and tablet devices

Easy to use

Net weight (kg): 0.01

Colour: White