GEMINI PMX10 - 2-Channel Digital DJ Controller Mixer With Midi

GEMINI PMX10 - 2-Channel Digital DJ Controller Mixer With Midi

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The PMX-10 is a 2-channel mixer designed to meet the needs of the most demanding scratch addicts, with a highly adjustable Innofader-ready crossfader, 8 RGB performance pads per side, and professional inputs and outputs (including booth output). The rugged all-metal chassis means the PMX-10 can take a beating for years to come. The real secret sauce in the PMX-10 is the MIDI and audio interface functionality. Every control on the PMX-10 sends MIDI - not just the dedicated MIDI functions like the cue buttons and effects controls. This combined with the built-in 2-channel audio interface allows the PMX-10 to also work as a fully stand-alone MIDI controller.


Rugged all-metal chassis

16 multi-function RGB silicon pads (8 per side)

XLR 1/4" combo jack microphone input

1/4" microphone input with gain control and talkover

2 phono / line stereo channels

Dedicated MIDI controls for track selection, effects

All controls also send MIDI out, making the PMX-10 an amazing mixer controller as well

Curve control on the crossfader

Easily replaceable and removable crossfader - Innofader ready