LYYT LT12560-RGBW - 12V Quad Colour RGBW LED Tape - 5m

LYYT LT12560-RGBW - 12V Quad Colour RGBW LED Tape - 5m

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5m reel of LED tape fitted with SMD5050 quad colour LEDs. The flexible tape is protected by a clear IP65 coating and can be easily installed using the self-adhesive backing. The 5m length is terminated at each end with a 5 way connector for red, green, blue, white and +12V. For custom fitting, the tape has regular cutting points which can be re-soldered to additional lengths of tape if required. Powering through a 4 colour controller will provide full colour mixing with an additional component for pure white or true pastel shades.


High output SMD5050 4-in-one LEDs

Can be controlled to give all RGB colours plus pastel shades

Pure white capability without colour mixing

Self-adhesive backing for easy installation

Voltage: 12Vdc

LED : colours: Red, green, blue, white

Beam angle: 140°

LED : type: SMD5050 RGBW

IP rating: IP65

Light intensity per LED (millicandelas): 9000mcd

Reel length: 5m

Cross-section: 12.5 x 3mm

Weight: 237g