MIKTEK DI2 - Dual Channel Active Direct Box

MIKTEK DI2 - Dual Channel Active Direct Box

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The Miktek DI2 provides direct insertion of a stereo audio signal into a stereo mixer or recorder. It offers a variety of DI solutions for live sound and recording applications. A variety of audio signals can be connected to your DI2, e.g. guitars, bass guitars, drum machines, keyboards, outboard signal processors, high powered speaker outputs from an amplifier, etc. The DI2 can be powered either by a single 9V battery or standard 48 volt phantom power. Whenever phantom power is present on the XLR cable, the DI2 will automatically disconnect the 9V battery and switch to phantom power. When the battery switch is in, the DI2 will sense the voltage and chose which is greater.The battery/phantom switch can be used to turn off the battery power when DI2 is not in use.


2x 1/4" inputs for a music instrument's audio signal

2x 1/4 "Thru outputs for linking the audio signal to an amplifier/recorder

2x Balanced XLR outputs to send audio signal to main mixer

2x PAD switches for attenuating each channel's input signal

Two combined switches for summing/combining the input and thru signals passively

Ground lift button to detach the XLR jak ground from the DI2 chassis

Battery compartment at the bottom for 9V PP3 battery (Battery not supplied)

Battery/Phantom switch for swapping between battery or phantom power operation

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 20KHz, 1dB

Noise Level: -100dBu

Phantom Power: 24 - 48Vdc

Dimensions (WxDxH): 144x102x38mm

Weight: 3.65kg