NJS PA2000 - 100V Line PA Mixer Amplifier

NJS PA2000 - 100V Line PA Mixer Amplifier

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High quality construction combined with a low cost, make this Amplifier an ideal choice for large PA systems. A total of six inputs are provided, 3 microphone inputs (one with voice operated priority over all inputs) and 3 auxiliary inputs for background music. The amplifier has overall volume, bass, treble and volume controls, and individual volume controls for all inputs located on the front panel. All outputs are on the rear of the unit with connections for 100 Volt line or low impedance loudspeakers.


Priority microphone with mute-function and chime function

7 segments signal level indication

Main volume control and Turn on delay

Over current, short circuit, Over temperature and DC protection

Fault indication

Product Dimensions (mm): 88x483x380

Net weight (kg): 6.58

Colour: Black

Frequency Response (Hz): 80-16000

Output: 250 W

Outputs: 8 Ohm or 70 V/100 V

Plug Type: UK

Power Input: 230 VAC @ 50 Hz

Power RMS (W): 240

THD: Less than 2%

Weight (kg): 16