PULSE LOGO30 - Logo/Gobo Projector - 30W LED White + Gobo pack

PULSE LOGO30 - Logo/Gobo Projector - 30W LED White + Gobo pack

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A simple and effective plug&play gobo/logo projector with a bright 30W LED and access to a replaceable gobo which allows it to be used for different events/occasions throughout the year. It allows you to create your own gobos thanks to its low temperature. It operates with gobos that you can print with a standard laser printer, or you can still use metal and glass gobos in the projector. Easy to set up and run thanks to its functionality. The rotation speed of the gobo is switchable (red switch at the back panel), as well as the focus. It is ideal for mobile DJs, bands, events, bars and small stage work.


LEDs: 1x 30W White

Control: manual

Replaceable GOBO size: 28.6mm, 26mm image, 1mm max thickness

Connections: Power IEC IN

Beam angle: 23°

Smooth rotation motor (5/6 rpm)

Fixed safety loop

Low-profile and footprint, lightweight fixture

Dimensions (HxWxD): 192x180x220mm

Weight: 1.76 kg


Fixture, IEC power cable, additional mounting accessories, pack of GOBOs, instruction manual