QTX HAZYR-PRO - Haze Generator 1000W

QTX HAZYR-PRO - Haze Generator 1000W

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Professional high output haze generator built into a sturdy flight case. Operated via DMX512 signal or in auto-timer mode from the onboard digital control panel. Instant thermal design provides fast response to control signals and a DC fan offers precise control over air-flow. Designed to produce high volumes of haze output on demand with precision control.


High volume output haze generator

Precise and accurate output control

Built into a full flight case

Removable digital control panel for remote control

Power Supply: 220-240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)

Power Consumption: 1000W

Fuse: F8AL

Warm Up Time: 30-40 seconds

Haze Output: (approx.) 5000 cu ft (142m³) /min

Controller: Onboard digital control panel or DMX512 operation

DMX Channels: 3

Fluid Capacity: 2 litres

Dimensions: 435 x 390 x 220mm

Weight: 10.45kg