RCF PR4093 - Preamplifier 6x Balanced XLR IN / Balanced XLR OUT 1U

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PR 4093 has been designed to provide a flexible solution for paging and music application in PA systems.

It offers 6 balanced inputs mic/line with PHANTOM facility, the first of them with priority triggered by VOX circuit. In addition, 3 stereo input on RCA connectors are available. Outputs offer different functionalities, included tone control on front panel, dedicated mixing of inputs 1-6 e connection to recording devices.

6 balanced XLR inputs with MIC/LINE sensibility and selectable PHANTOM power
3 stereo inputs on RCA connectors
SIGNAL presence LED for each input
Priority function on input 1, activatable through VOX circuit
1 XLR stereo output with tone control LOW, MID, HIGH on front panel
1 MONO output on ¼'' jack connnector
1 MIC output on ¼'' jack connnector
Connection to recording device on RCA connectors
LED output level indicator
230V AC functioning and 24V DC emergency power supply
Suitable for rack installation (1U 19")


Frequency Response:20 ÷ 22 Hz ÷ kHz
Distortion (THD & N):≤ 0.03% at 1 kHz
Sensitivity:–40 dBu (MIC) / 0 dBu (LINE)
Max. input level:–19 dBu (MIC) / +21 dBu (LINE)
Input impedance:2 kΩ (MIC) / 19.5 kΩ (LINE)
Max. voltage gain (MIC):60 dB to LINE OUT (balanced), 50 dB to REC OUT (unbalanced), 60 dB to MIC OUT (unbalanced), 55 dB to MONO OUT (unbalanced)
Max. voltage gain (LINE):20 dB to LINE OUT (balanced), 10 dB to REC OUT (unbalanced), 20 dB to MIC OUT (unbalanced), 15 dB to MONO OUT (unbalanced)
Phantom power voltage:18÷21 V

Stereo Inputs (CHANNELS 7/8, 9/10, 11/12)
Frequency response:20 ÷ 22 Hz ÷ kHz
Distortion (THD & N):≤ 0.03% at 1 kHz
Sensitivity:+10 dBu
Max. input level:+21 dBu
Input impedance:19.5 kΩ
Max. voltage gain (LINE):10 dB to LINE OUT (balanced), 0 dB to REC OUT (unbalanced), 0 dB to MONO OUT (unbalanced)

Output Section
LINE OUT level:0 dBu (± 2 dBu, balanced), max. +21 dBu
MIC OUT / MONO OUT level:0 dBu (± 2 dBu, unbalanced), max. +21 dBu
LINE OUT impedance:250 Ω
MIC OUT / MONO OUT impedance:125 Ω

Low:±15 dB at 80 Hz
Mid:±12 dB at 2.5 kHz
High:±15 dB at 8 kHz

Adjacent stereo inputs:< –68 dB
Input to output:< –76 dB at 1 kHz (ch. level at max., flat eq., LINE OUT level and others at min., MIC OUT switch set to OFF

Power Supply
Operating voltage:220÷240 V ac (50 Hz), 24 V dc

Physical & Dimensions
Height: 110mm
Width: 560mm
Depth: 380mm
Weight: 3.6kg